What Are Starlight Affinity Crystal Pillows?

What are Starlight Affinity Crystal Pillows?

Our crystal-filled Pillows are a unique, easy-to-use, and convenient way to help you clear heavy or "negative" energies, sleep better, and assist you in feeling more calm and relaxed. They're made to be soft and flexible, so you can keep them in your pillowcase, carry them in your pocket, or even wear them inside your clothes. Used in the home, they can even serve as an ideal self-clearing display cushion for your other crystals and jewelry.

Our Pillows feature:

  • Our special combination of crystals specifically chosen for their clearing, grounding, amplifying, and balancing properties 
  • 4” X 4” 100% high-quality cotton or silk fabrics in beautiful prints and colors
  • Organic lavender with our Pink Halite Pillows, to provide a combination of crystal therapy and aromatherapy benefits-in-one (our best sellers!)

      Our clients love how our Pillows help them relax, feel more calm and focused, and even sleep better at night! Why not join them and see for yourself? 

      Here's some additional info on them:

      • We combine pink halite or selenite with our blend of other crystals that are well-known for their grounding and amplifying properties, so you have all of these benefits in one easy-to-use Pillow.
      • Unlike using a hard piece of stone, Starlight Affinity’s Crystal Pillows are made to be soft and flexible to easily and comfortably be used on the body or next to the skin.
      • When worn inside lingerie (as many ladies do!), they keep crystals next the heart to help with stress relief, impart feelings of comfort and reassurance, and with the Pink Halite Pillows, also provide aromatherapy throughout the day.
      • They’re an essential tool to use with meditation, yoga, reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, crystal therapy, or any other healing modality.
      • We use only high-quality natural fabrics, and stitch each of them by hand with lots of love, intention, and positive energy. Each fabric is thoughtfully chosen for it’s beautiful colors and patterns, and great energy.
      • Spot clean only-pink halite and selenite may dissolve in water over time, so do not wash.