“Artist Tina creates these colorful and energetic Selenite and Pink Halite pillows as a part of her 893046_583462984997585_2087304699_o-2Starlight Affinity product line. The nice thing about these pillows is that they are easy to use, and can be placed comfortably on the body. I personally use a Selenite pillow whenever I have a headache or joint pain in my knee, by simply reclining for about 15 minutes with the pillow directly over the area where I feel the discomfort. Now, you could get the same results with a piece of Selenite directly in the same spot… but who wants a hard stone on their forehead? I choose the pillow! Check them out! You’re gonna love them!”

-Charles McAlpine, Owner, Storm Wisdom

“I purchased some Crystal Pillows from the Starlight Affinity line and I just love them. I have found them to be most helpful next to my bed. I need to smudge my room often for the dream healing that I do, and after receiving my Crystal Pillow, the energy in my bedroom felt clear longer. It changed the energy in the room. The craftsmanship is wonderful… you can just feel that they are made with love.”

-Marlene Porter, Founder, SHE Spiritual Healing Encouragement

“I was dealing with anxiety and sleeplessness, and Starlight Affinity’s Pink Halite Crystal Pillow soothed me instantly.  At night, I put it under my pillow, and it provides me with a quiet assurance. I sometimes insert it into my pocket or purse or next to my skin inside my blouse, as it reminds me to breath and relax.

I also use Starlight Affinity’s Crystal Pillows because I don’t have to worry about my stones crumbling and getting lost, and it makes my crystals and aromatherapy totally portable. After months of use, the lavender scent is still fresh and effective.  I am proud to have it with me anytime and anywhere, because it is beautiful and impeccably designed. I suggest purchasing more than one, so you can have one with you and another at home under the pillow. 

I recommend this product, as it can be used in many ways, and the quality of materials and the craftsmanship are exquisite. I love them, and will be sharing with friends and family. Crystal Pillows are necessary – I call it my little crystal pillow of peace! What did we ever do without them?”

-Yvette White, Owner, The Souls’ Poetry

“My beautifully crafted Crystal Pillow sits on my altar. Every morning I choose a crystal that feels right for the day, say a prayer to receive its blessings, and place it lovingly on the pillow. It is a beautiful and easy way to welcome and honor the energy of the crystals. This lovely little pillow makes my crystals (and me) very happy day after day.”

-Michelle Radomski, Creator, One Voice Can